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What is a Faja Colombiana?

What is a Faja Colombiana?

Rosie Garcia |

fajas colombianas

A faja colombiana is a compression garment (body shaper or girdle) . There are different uses for a faja colombiana: Postpartum, Post Surgery, Butt lifter, Posture correcting or just as a body shaper to look and feel better everyday. 

Colombia is one of the world's popular destination for cosmetic procedures. Fajas started as a medical grade garment to use after surgeries like liposuction. Compression has many benefits after surgery and help your body and skin heal better and contour to the new body shape.  Most Colombian fajas use Powernet an inovative material that provides the best compression in the market. 

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Similar case with a postpartum faja. After giving birth you want your body to go back to normal and your skin to start getting back to its original stage after all the stretching. Women have use fajas after giving birth for many many years. 

Fajas Colombianas are the best at compressing the areas of your body that you want compress but also amazing at emphasizing areas that you want contour and to stand out. Most colombian fajas come with holes on the rear area that will have a butt lifter effect. 

Another use for a faja colombiana is as a posture correcting. Some have high backs to help you specially  when you are sitting down to keep a straight posture. 

Besides all the amazing benefits of these colombian girdles most can be use as everyday body shapers to use under your clothes. You will say good buy to love handles and that extra fat on your back that your regular bra makes stand out. 



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