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Benefits of using a Colombian girdle after giving birth

beneficios de usar faja postparto

Lucy Martinez |

One of the most notable consequences of pregnancy is the stretching of the abdomen and when this affects the mother aesthetically, visibly, it can reduce her self-esteem; But also, during the weeks after childbirth, the internal organs are mobilized.

These effects have a slow recovery process, however, the best way to reduce their impact is by using a postpartum girdle, which is specially designed to be used after giving birth and to recover your figure in a short time. 

Among the postpartum girdles that you can use, Colombian girdles are among those that offer the best quality and comfort to new mothers in the adaptation process that having a baby requires without neglecting themselves, while at the same time contributing to the internal readjustment of the the organs.

Know the benefits of using a Colombian girdle after childbirth

Colombian postpartum girdles can be used immediately after giving birth, whether by cesarean section or natural birth; You can wear them 24 hours a day, as they are quite comfortable and their design considers the need to breastfeed the baby.

However, keep in mind that when you give birth by cesarean section, you run the risk of developing a seroma, that is, the subcutaneous accumulation of fluid near the wound, a symptom that can also occur.  arise in plastic surgeries such as liposuction, abdominoplasty or breast surgery, as a result of the inflammation caused by the operation.

Colombian girdles reduce this risk because they allow both the external skin and the subcutaneous tissue to respond adequately to the incision, helping recovery to occur optimally. 

Colombian girdles have functions and benefits that become evident within the first weeks after giving birth, such as:

  • Postpartum pain decreases

The experience of giving birth is beautiful, but the pain associated with childbirth lasts for several weeks. By using a Colombian girdle after the birth of the baby, you reduce the pain caused by the natural rearrangement of the organs, thanks to the fact that it keeps the abdominal area compressed.

  • They help redefine the abdomen

With the growth of the belly, abdominal diastasis occurs, that is, the separation of the abdominal muscles, which remains after the birth of the baby. Thanks to the compression of the abdominal muscles that is achieved by using a Colombian postpartum girdle, recovery is achieved more quickly. 

  • They contribute to the recovery and rearrangement of the uterus

Postpartum girdles also help the uterus, which has increased in size during pregnancy and has moved across the width of the abdomen, to recover its dimensions and return to its place. 

  • They recover the figure

These girdles also allow you to recover your figure, thanks to the fact that they flatten the belly, mark the waist and lift the butt, which undoubtedly contributes to strengthening your self-esteem after having experienced the transformation of your body during the last few months.

When to use postpartum girdles?

Colombian postpartum girdles can be used immediately after giving birth and for about three months. Keep in mind that for you to feel comfortable, it is important to wear the appropriate size, as well as choose from the available colors, those that best fit your different outfits.

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