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Melibelt Shapewear: Everything you need to know to shape your figure

Fajas Melibelt: Todo lo que debes saber para moldear tu figura

Lucy Martinez |

Melibelt Shapewear: Everything you need to know to shape your figure

If you are researching reducing and shaping girdles, you should know that there are different types, each associated with a list of particular benefits. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to investigate the characteristics of each of the available girdles and choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

In the following lines we offer you general information about MELIBELT girdles, made in Colombia, and the benefits obtained by using them. Colombian girdles are recognized in the international market thanks to the quality of the materials used in their manufacture and the incorporation of high-tech properties that adapt to different needs. 

6 benefits of using Melibelt Girdles

Whether you are looking to lose weight, shape your figure, or are going through a postoperative process that requires the additional support necessary so that you can move comfortably and safely during your daily activities, you should take advantage of the incredible benefits that Melibelt girdles offer.

1. Speeds up recovery and allows good results after a cosmetic surgery procedure. 

It is a compression garment that offers additional support to tissues and muscles after a surgical procedure. Using it promotes correct posture and tissue recovery during the weeks after the intervention, whether for medical or aesthetic purposes, even after childbirth. 

2. They are manufactured using hypoallergenic fabric 

Hypoallergenic fabrics are fabrics whose composition represents a low risk of causing skin allergies. These girdles are manufactured using certified hypoallergenic materials, which can be in contact with the skin for several hours without any risk, since they do not have chemicals that irritate the skin and trigger allergy episodes.

3. They are invisible under clothing

They have invisible seams, which allows the girdles to be undetectable under clothing, allowing you to dress in your favorite clothes and look incredible without worrying about other people noticing that you are wearing a girdle. In this way, the girdle will be able to shape your figure during the day without restrictions of any kind, without discomfort and without interfering with your routine.

4. Perfect fit, offering maximum comfort and freedom of movement

They are garments that have been made using elastic fiber fabrics that fit the body and gently compress the skin. In this way, they provide support, comfort, maximum fit and freedom of movement for the user. 

5. They shape the figure

The textiles used have the ability to generate a shaping effect on the silhouette, which is due to the compression that the fabrics constantly exert. This allows you to highlight your figure, in addition to improving posture during daily activities. Of course, for maximum effect, you need to maintain a healthy diet and a proper exercise routine.

6.It has moisturizing and sun protection properties

The textiles used in the manufacture of the girdles have been treated with Aloe Vera, whose nutrients are released directly onto the skin, keeping it soft and hydrated during use. Likewise, it includes UPF50+ sun protection, giving it the ability to absorb UV and UVB radiation, preventing skin damage.

Different types of girdles for every need 

The Fajas Melibelt catalog includes different models, each of them with specific characteristics and qualities that help control various parts of the body according to the needs of each person. To choose the most suitable model, you will have to consider the area where you want to focus the compression and your specialist's suggestions in case of postoperative recovery. 

Here you can see the most popular girdles in the collection: MELI'BELT GIRDLES


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