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Colombian ankle girdle: Shapes buttocks, abdomen and waist instantly

Ankle shapewear is a control garment that is included in the shapewear category due to its ability to shape and define the shape of the abdomen, waist and thighs, in addition to lifting the buttocks. It achieves all this in a natural way, stylizing the figure at the moment of putting it on and without any effort. 

In the MELIBELT girdle catalog we have available one of the most outstanding models within this category. The Ankle 5014 girdle is a control garment whose objective is to shape the buttocks, abdomen and waist in a simple and instant way, stylizing the lower part of the body up to the ankles with gentle compression. 

Features of the Ankle Girdle

The Ankle Girdle is made with soft materials that will help you feel cool and comfortable while you wear it. It is one of the most popular control garments in recent years, as it is possible to notice its immediate effect on the belly, buttocks, waist and thighs area. Among the characteristics of the Melibelt 5014 Ankle Girdle, we find:

  • Buttock lifting system, which in a 100% natural way manages to shape and give volume to the buttocks while stylizing the hips and lower extremities. 
  • Flat seams that are difficult to detect on clothing, along with a thin and comfortable design that highlights your natural attributes. 
  • Elastic waist for a better fit and greater comfort during use. 
  • High waist, ideal for shaping the waist, eliminating the rolls that form on the sides. It will allow you to wear tight-fitting clothing with the confidence of showing off a perfect silhouette at all times. 
  • The exterior of the garment is completely smooth, hiding cellulite, fat and stylizing the figure. Its cold-touch lycra interior will make you feel cooler throughout the day. Added to this are Aloe Vera micro-capsules, capable of moisturizing the skin. 
  • Large perianal space for a perfect fit and maximum comfort during use. 
  • Available in beige and black, with sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, adjusting to your body regardless of your measurements and physical build. 

Reasons to use the MELIBELT Ankle Girdle

Being a control garment that is so flattering and easy to wear, it has managed to become a trend. Among the reasons why you may prefer an Ankle girdle with a high waist, we can mention the following points:

  1. They stylize the figure

They offer a stylized effect that is immediately visible. The high waist manages to give greater harmony to the silhouette without having to give up the curves, lengthening the legs and making you look slimmer and more harmonious, providing support and compressing conflictive areas such as the abdomen or the sides of the waist, making the buttocks stand out. . 

  1. They are easy to carry 

Being a control undergarment, you won't have to worry too much about color matching. You can choose the desired color tone from those available and use the Ankle Girdle with complete confidence that no one will discover that you are wearing a girdle under your outfit, thanks to its flat seams, which is great. 

  1. Lifts and improves the shape of the buttocks 

For those who are unhappy with the shape of their buttocks, this type of shapewear has the additional benefit of making the butt more prominent. Your buttocks will feel firmer, rounder and visually free of cellulite instantly when you put on an Ankle Shaper, with an effect similar to that of the very popular butt lifting leggings.

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