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Why are Colombian girdles recognized?

¿Por qué son reconocidas las fajas colombianas?

Lucy Martinez |

Discover why Colombian girdles are the best on the market

It could be said that the success of Colombian girdles is determined by the number of celebrities who wear them, but in addition, this “made in Colombia” product has become a worldwide reference thanks to other reasons, which we will tell you below. .

The adjective “Colombian” next to a brand that manufactures girdles is a guarantee of quality, which is why the fame of this garment has crossed borders as far away as the Middle East, where countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia or Turkey import it in large quantities. . 

And the use of the well-known control clothing has become increasingly widespread, especially the waist trainer girdle with butt lifter, which has become very popular and is the one with the greatest demand in the market.

Reasons that make Colombian girdles the best on the market

Among the reasons why Colombian fajas are the best are:

  • The development of advanced technology that includes the use of textiles that provide comfort, ventilation, absorption, compression and other relevant characteristics in each garment. This element has been fundamental in the positioning of Colombian girdles as the best on the market, allowing Colombia to be above China in this area, its strongest rival. 
  • The preparation is another of the elements that make Colombian girdles competitive products, since the finishes, the choice of details such as clasps, zippers and other types of closures, also make the difference.
  • In terms of designs, the Colombian girdle industry has made great advances, developing models that respond to every need. Including different uses, body builds and colors to wear with different clothing items. 

Some of the most sought after models

  • Shorts

Colombian short-type girdles cover the waist, compress the abdomen and reduce measurements, some cover the thighs and lift the butt. 

  • Whole body

With this type of girdle you can stylize your entire body. Some cover arms, abdomen, waist, chest, back and thighs; They can reach the knees or even be worn to the ankles. 

  • Vest

Vest-type girdles help reduce abdomen, waist and hips.

Why are Colombian girdles recognized?

In principle, there is the relationship between the need to lose weight, physical exercise and the use of girdles as allies to achieve this goal, which induced the development of the industry and the increase in brands dedicated to developing this product in Colombia. , driving competition and the need to perfect results.

Additionally, we found the increase in demand for postoperative Colombian girdles, which could be related to the increase in plastic surgeries (breast,  buttocks and liposuction).

However, the most relevant reason is that Colombian girdles are made of a variety of textiles that allow them to be more comfortable and offer greater mobility. 

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