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Why a Colombian Faja?

 Fajas Colombianas originated in Colombia to be used as a medical-grade compression after liposuction to help with the swelling and to help  heal faster. Fajas colombianas are the tighter and stronger than any other girdle in the market. Fajas went from their medical origins to everyday use by everyday women who want to have a more define waistline and a more contour body shape. Only the original 100% colombian fajas have the technology to give you the best support. These fajas come in all shapes from waist shaper to full body shaper and for all sizes. They are meant to be use under your regular clothes.

There are different uses for fajas Colombianas:

You can use a Colombian girdle for post surgery recovery. With a Colombian girdle you will obtain the level of medical compression needed for faster recovery after your liposuction.

You can also get the benefits of a postpartum faja Colombiana to help get your body back to normal and feel confident.

Fajas Colombianas are also use as a Body Shaper for everyday use or

on special occasions to get that perfect shape when wearing your favorite dress.

You can also get our sports models to help you keep a straighter posture while working out.

What ever your need there is a Faja Colombiana that is right for you.