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The functions of Colombian girdles for dresses are to gather, reduce and enhance the figure.

Las funciones de las fajas colombianas para vestidos son recoger, reducir y realzar la figura.

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Look spectacular with a Colombian sash for a dress

It is true that shapewear can be worn with any item of clothing, but what happens when you want to wear a tight dress without your love handles standing out? It is best to look for a Colombian girdle for a dress that makes you look stylized and helps you have an upright posture.

Flattening the abdomen, hiding fat and lifting the buttocks are the main purposes of shapewear for dresses, so that you can wear a garment in which you look spectacular.

How to choose the best Colombian girdle for a dress?

If you have never had a Colombian girdle for a dress and want to start using it, take these brief tips into account and avoid certain mistakes to get the most out of your purchase.

Some tips for choosing a sash to wear a dress are:

  • Opt for one that allows you to breathe without difficulties. Avoid girdles that become torture shortly after putting them on.
  • Check that they offer enough elasticity for greater comfort. 
  • Choose a design that allows you to go to the bathroom easily. 

What are the best Colombian girdles for dresses?

  • The models with short legs work very well with mini dresses or mini skirts, while those that reach to the knees pick up the fat on the legs.
  • As for the ways to close them, there are those with velcro, those with clasps, hooks or badges and those with a zipper. 
    • Girdles with brooches or badges are more easily concealed and adapt to any posture, whether you are sitting or standing. 
    • You can also opt for those that have no seams, which are completely hidden with any tight-fitting garment. The ideal is to use the one that is least noticeable with tight dresses. 
  • As for the upper part, there are also different designs: there are those with straps, for dresses with sleeves; strapless, for strapless dresses; and those that have compression on the side and manage to hide the fat that comes out of the bra.
  • If you opt for a girdle with a bra, it will be easier to identify your size, since it will be the same as what you wear in your bras regularly (32B, 34B, 34C, 36C, etc.). 

Collect, reduce, enhance

The functions of Colombian girdles for dresses are to gather, reduce and enhance the figure. They are useful for all body types and for women of all ages. In addition, regardless of your size, you can show off a stylized figure.

Look spectacular with a Colombian girdle for a dress, taking into account the level of compression that will help you gather and reduce, which can be: strong, moderate or soft. This level is determined by the type of fabric used to make it. The level of compression will help you control the upper, medium and lower abdomen, so that you look proportionate and with a defined waist.

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